The Common Good

Syria Is About People, Not Politics

Date: September 12, 2013

I have been literally disgusted at how "politics" has dominated the media's response and coverage of the Syria crisis. Literally millions of lives are at stake, as is the security of one of the most critical regions of the world. But all many of our media pundits can talk about is how this affects politics -- i.e., how this could weaken President Obama's second term or what this might mean for Obamacare.

I heard the same media blathering when I was in London last week when the Syria chemical weapons crisis broke through. "Does the vote in Parliament hurt the Prime Minister and help his opposition?" "Is the Labor Party now up, and the Tory down?"

Who cares!

It makes us all even more cynical about politics when we see some Republicans, who we know would support military action if it were being proposed by one of their presidents, ardently opposing these strikes because Obama is calling for them. Then we see some Democrats, who always oppose military solutions, supporting this one because their president is in charge. Disgusting. There are massive numbers of human lives involved here, plus a real danger of war engulfing the region and spreading out with weapons of mass destruction present -- yet all we can talk about is politics?