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Sojourners' Statement on Contraception Exemptions

Date: January 25, 2012



January 25, 2012


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Washington, DC 25 January, 2012

In light of the recent decision by President Obama to deny contraception exemptions to religiously affiliated organizations, Sojourners has released the following statement:

The Obama administration announced on Friday that some religiously affiliated organizations, such as social service agencies, hospitals and some universities will now be required to carry health insurance programs that cover contraception. Churches and other religious institutions whose primary purpose is to promote religious beliefs are exempted from the rule. Coverage of abortion is still exempted through conscience protections.

The federal government is attempting to balance the protection of religious conscience with a concern for public welfare. We at Sojourners support the continued exemptions for churches and other religious institutions, but are concerned that those same protections have not been kept for other religiously affiliated organizations.

Sojourners supports increased accessibility of contraception as one tool to reduce unintended pregnancies and consequently the number of abortions. But, we do not believe that a mandate for religiously affiliated organizations to purchase coverage of contraception is a necessary intervention. In order to protect religious conscience, we believe it is reasonable for religiously affiliated organizations to be exempt from this requirement.

We support the decision to continue exemptions for churches and many other religious organizations. There have been many steps forward in the relationship between the Obama administration and the faith community, but this is a step backward. During the one year transition period, we hope that the administration will continue to work with concerned religious organizations to find a compromise that will both protect conscience and allow access to contraception for those who seek it.


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