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Sojourners Launches Commit to Change Initiative in Response to President-elect Obama’s Call for MLK Day of Service

Source: Sojourners
Date: January 13, 2009

January 13, 2009

Contact: Jason Gedeik, Sojourners, (202) 745-4633,

Sojourners Launches Commit to Change Initiative in Response to President-elect Obama’s Call for MLK Day of Service

Website Profiled on Offers Educational, Advocacy and Service Opportunities

WASHINGTON, DC – January 13, 2009 —Sojourners responded to President-elect Obama’s call for a renewed national commitment to service by launching MLK Day Commit to Change, a website dedicated to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service.  The site offers educational resources including grassroots advocacy and service opportunities for people of faith.  These commitments range from personal ones on the individual level to initiatives that benefit local communities and beyond to national campaigns.  Sojourners website is listed as a service organization on and can be accessed directly at

As part of the national day of service on January 19, President-elect Obama is calling upon Americans to make an ongoing commitment to service in their communities to meet the challenges currently facing our nation.  Sojourners new initiative serves as a resource portal for the faith community to engage in this social justice movement aimed at rebuilding our nation’s spiritual and social capital.  It presents educational resources about poverty and other justice issues, volunteer service opportunities with more than a dozen organizations, and links to advocacy organizations working on poverty, food and hunger, immigration reform, environmental care, human rights, health care, and HIV/AIDS. 

“A central vocation of the faith community is to invite commitments that generate hope,” said Jim Wallis, president of Sojourners. “President-elect Barack Obama has asked all Americans to observe Martin Luther King Day by making new commitments to change – commitments in our personal and family lives, commitments to service in our local communities, and commitments to key issues on which we can make a difference. Sojourners is grateful to be able to support this service initiative by helping to engage and leverage the significant resources of America’s faith community.” 

Sojourners is committed to ensuring this day of service will not be a one time event but rather result in the building of a social movement for long-term change.  Towards this goal, Sojourners is organizing The Mobilization to End Poverty – a historic gathering where thousands of Christians will engage in a transformative experience of education, worship, community, and activism that takes place in Washington, D.C from April 26-29, 2009.  Together, this powerful group will call on President-elect Barack Obama and the new Congress to make overcoming poverty a political priority and to develop a national plan that addresses this moral and spiritual crisis.  To learn more about The Mobilization to End Poverty, please visit


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