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Sojourners Launches 2012 Election Campaign, Video

Source: Sojourners
Date: April 19, 2012



April 19, 2012


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“Voting for Us,” With Party Affiliation in Decline, Campaign Focuses on People and Issues

 Young Evangelicals Have Broadening Moral Concerns but Remain Politically Homeless

Washington, DC April, 18 2012

                As the primary season comes to an end, Sojourners announced today its 2012 election campaign, “Voting for Us.” Headlined by a commercial written and produced by young evangelical Christians, the campaign emphasizes civic engagement over partisanship and contributing to a new political paradigm: post-candidate politics.

                Taking into account dwindling party identification, rising dissatisfaction with politicians and declining faith in government as an institution, young people today are at risk of exiting the political arena all together.              

Jim Wallis, president and CEO of Sojourners remarks, “For years I’ve been watching a shift among young Christians. The issues they care about are broadening and they are concerned about poverty, pandemic diseases, the environment and sex trafficking. These are multi-issue voters who have grown uncomfortable with their parents’ GOP but certainly aren’t sure if they want to be lifelong Democrats.”

The video highlights young Christians declaring that their votes are not for candidates or parties, but for people and issues they care about. The campaign, which runs until the November election, will include paid advertising, e-books on key election issues, a voter guide for distribution and an upcoming poll focused on young evangelicals and their civic participation.

“A lot of young people who voted for Barack Obama are disillusioned with the past four years but certainly aren’t excited about Mitt Romney. There are two possibilities, they’ll either drop out of the process entirely or start to engage the election to advocate for the issues and people they care about,” says Tim King, a 27-year-old evangelical and Director of Communications for Sojourners.

The 2008 elections saw a significant shift in the voting patterns and concerns of young Christians. A recent study by The Barna Group, subtitled, “Evangelicals Dislike Obama, But Likely to Double Their Support for Him” shows the ambivalence towards current political options. Many young voters remain politically homeless in electoral politics. This campaign hopes to move them towards issue based advocacy.

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Jim Wallis is the president and CEO of Sojourners, the largest network of progressive Christians in the United States focused on the biblical call to social justice. Wallis is also author of the New York Times bestsellers God's Politics: Why the Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn't Get It and The Great Awakening: Seven Ways To Change The World, Reviving Faith & Politics. His latest book is Rediscovering Values: On Wall Street, Main Street, and Your Street.