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Religion and Ethics Newsweekly 12/15/2014
How are faith groups mobilizing on issues of race?
Capital Commentary 12/15/2014
A recent trip to Ferguson, MO gave me and some forty religious leaders an opportunity to reflect on the integration of spiritual development and...
Huffington Post 12/12/2014
The question is: Are we white people going to listen or not?
Huffington Post 12/11/2014
"America, we have a problem."
Catholic News Service 12/10/2014
A new coalition has been formed to bring about the end of the death penalty in the United States.
The Tablet 12/10/2014
The Church must work with young leaders like those we met with in Ferguson to help America find its way forward.
Los Angeles Times 12/10/2014
Seven more states signed on to a lawsuit challenging President Obama’s executive action halting the deportation of as many as 5 million undocumented...
Christian Post 12/09/2014
The National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty announced on Tuesday the launch of a new coalition to pressure state governments to end capital...
Religion News Service 12/05/2014
Perhaps this isn’t the time for me–and other white Christians–to speak. Maybe we should listen instead. To people of color. To our brothers and...
Huffington Post 12/04/2014
America, we have a problem. It's past time to fix it, and the church must stand alongside a new generation of young leaders and help the nation...
Religion News Service 12/04/2014
White Christians, including evangelicals, have grown more vocal in urging predominantly white churches to no longer turn a blind eye to injustice and...
The Ed Show 11/26/2014
Calm demonstrations continue across the country, as protesters demanded justice for Michael Brown and future cases. Ed Schultz, Activist T-Dubb-O,...
Huffington Post Live 11/26/2014
What do the killing of Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown tell us about race in America?
Huffington Post 11/25/2014
The verdict on America's criminal justice system is already in for many Americans: guilty, for treating young black men differently than young...
Imperial Valley Press 11/25/2014
Religious leaders from across the theological and political spectrum are calling for peace — with some adding demands for social change — in the...
Relevant Magazine 11/25/2014
We asked Lisa Sharon Harper to answer a few questions about the verdict, the broader context behind the protests and what it all means for Christians.
The Age 11/24/2014
Tamir Rice, 12, was with his sister and a friend in a gazebo in a Cleveland park on Saturday when a rookie cop shot him in the chest.
Christian Post 11/24/2014
As the church considers the events of these days, the greatest challenge we face is this: Will we allow our view of "what we see" to go...
Christianity Today 11/24/2014
In light of the grand jury decision handed down tonight, it is of utmost importance that all Christians, but specifically white evangelicals, talk...
Christian Post 11/21/2014
Members of the EIT have expressed divided positions on how President Obama has decided to help the strangers living in the shadows.