The Common Good

Sojourners in the News

Religion News Service 03/31/2015
More than 400 Catholic and evangelical leaders are using Jesus’ state-sanctioned execution to call for an end to the death penalty.
The Berkshire Eagle 03/30/2015
Muslims worship the same God as Christians and Jews. While complete theological agreement is not possible, Christians and Jews and Muslims can come...
Charlotte Observer 03/27/2015
The Belhar Confession calls on people of faith to stop demonizing the poor and to stand with them in unity instead.
Christian Post 03/27/2015
We recognize that there are times when disobedience and resistance to unjust authority is right, just, and biblical.
Harvard Divinity Bulletin 03/24/2015
In a highly religiously diverse and devout society, positive relationships among people who orient around religion differently are absolutely...
Think Christian 03/24/2015
Our Christian faith compels us to struggle for a more humane immigration system as a moral imperative.
The Washington Post blog 03/24/2015
One basic fact about immigration reform that continues to get lost in the noise is that evangelical Christians support it.
Leadership Journal (blog) 03/24/2015
The Divide Over Franklin Graham's Facebook Comment
St. Louis Post-Dispatch Blog 03/23/2015
Graham's Facebook comment has created a division within the evangelical Christian community.
The Blaze 03/23/2015
Some faith leaders are pushing back against famed evangelist Franklin Graham after he wrote a Facebook post addressed to “blacks, whites, Latinos,...
94.7 KRKS Denver 03/23/2015
Franklin Graham is facing criticism after he wrote a Facebook that went viral in which he told “blacks, whites, Latinos, and everybody else” that “...
Global Dispatch 03/21/2015
A group of church leaders, led by Jim Wallis, Lisa Sharon Harper, have written an open letter to Franklin Graham, criticizing his Facebook comments...
Duluth News Tribune (Minnesota) 03/21/2015
We have nothing to lose and everything to gain by acting on climate change now.
Christianity Today blog 03/21/2015
Obeying the police doesn’t heal the long history of distrust and broken relationships between police and minority groups, especially in urban...
Christian Today 03/20/2015
A group of church leaders have written an open letter to Franklin Graham, criticising his Facebook comments last week about the killing of young...
Albany Democrat-Herald 03/20/2015
There are folks who will stand up in peaceful demonstration against ISIS, and to support the ideal of Islam that it stands for peace.
The Washington Post 03/19/2015
Butler is looking for ways to infuse some of what has made evangelicalism thrive into a more progressive form of Protestantism, two forms of...
Liberal America 03/19/2015
According to Graham, if the guys would just do as the cops say and put their hands up, or behind their backs, or wherever the cops tell them to put...
Campaign for America's Future 03/17/2015
The Republican-led House Budget Committee’s fiscal 2016 budget proposal is full of immoral choices that will have devastating effects on the most...