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Sojourners in the News

The Alabama Baptist 10/02/2014
A survey released in June by LifeWay Research found most Protestant pastors say they know victims of domestic violence and believe stopping abuse is...
Athens Banner-Herald 10/02/2014
When it comes to the issue of domestic violence, a recent study suggested that some Protestant pastors tend to avoid the issue.
State of Belief with Rev. Welton Gaddy 09/28/2014
Last Sunday, hundreds of thousands of activists marched in New York City, demanding action on global climate change.
Huffington Post 09/26/2014
Religion must help us reverse climate change.
Christian Today 09/23/2014
The world has felt like a depressing place recently with conflict and slaughter on our screens from Iraq, Syria and Gaza. Yet standing among 400,000...
Huffington Post 09/23/2014
It is now time to harness this historic goodwill and action of faith-based communities, a group of 5.8 billion people across the globe, to enact...
Huffington Post 09/23/2014
Lisa recently co-authored Forgive Us: Confessions of a Compromised Faith with Mae Elise Cannon, Troy Jackson and Soong-Chan Rah.
Huffington Post 09/22/2014
Lisa Sharon Harper points out that in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, "residents of Ferguson, local and national leaders of historic...
The Dallas Morning News 09/21/2014
Religious leaders try to break silence about domestic violence among flock
Christianity Today - Books & Culture 09/20/2014
Testing the establishment in religious history, he identifies evangelicalism's influence in unexpected places, invites a generous reading of its...
Christianity Today 09/19/2014
Yesterday, I spoke at the Sojourners Summit at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. It's a diverse gathering focused on engaging the faith...
Time Magazine (online) 09/19/2014
In order to truly defeat ISIS, we must reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.
Huffington Post 09/19/2014
When Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was suspended for only two games for beating his fiancée (now wife), it became a dramatic public example...
Englewood Review Of Books 09/19/2014
A wind is blowing through many lands in our world and many are finding this wind to be renewing or at least refreshing.
Christian Post 09/17/2014
U2 rock band leader, Bono, once wrote a poem for Billy Graham after visiting the retired evangelist in his home in the mountains of western North...
The Blaze 09/17/2014
It’s no secret that U2 frontman Bono is a Bible-believing Christian — but what some might not know is that the musician is friends with famed...
Bread For The World 09/17/2014
We are hearing of war and rumors of war yet again as a gruesome story develops over ISIS, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.
Religion News Service 09/17/2014
(RNS) In the face of an imploding immigration system, an exploding political debate and a deadlock on reform in Washington, it was religious leaders...
Christian Post 09/17/2014
The political stalemates between Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill stood in stark contrast to the shared vision on how to address poverty... 09/16/2014
U2 frontman, investor, and philanthropist Bono, who isn’t shy about discussing his Christian faith, wrote a poem in honor of evangelist preacher...