The Common Good

Sojourners in the News

Idaho Statesman 02/17/2015
"Does what Paul so harshly condemns in Romans 1 have anything to do with that devout, loving, lesbian couple who sit in the third row at church...
Religion News Service 02/17/2015
An evangelical pastor has been told his denomination will no longer support his new church because of his support for gays and lesbians.
Huffington Post 02/13/2015
Dean could always remember the first verse of "Amazing Grace" -- perhaps because that was the message and meaning of his life.
Rome News-Tribune 02/09/2015
We still live largely in a segregated society — one where life’s events are played out before two separate audiences whose interpretations of them...
Huffington Post 02/09/2015
In recognition of Black History Month, I would like to introduce you to a few of the heroes I've had the privilege of learning from throughout...
Huffington Post 02/06/2015
Just like immigration reform, mass incarceration is sparking another movement -- especially after the parable of Ferguson woke up the country.
Huffington Post 01/30/2015
Terrorism and blatant inexcusable barbarism arise out of grievances and injustices that nobody wants to confront or seem to know how to address. In...
Time Magazine (online) 01/27/2015
You can't separate faith, values, and politics and expect our democracy to thrive.
The Times-Picayune (New Orleans) 01/26/2015
At Gov. Bobby Jindal's controversial prayer rally at LSU Saturday, state Sen. Jonathan Perry, R-Kaplan, asked God to send more born-again...
The Guardian 01/24/2015
Everybody would say “of course all lives matter”. Our philosophical, religious and moral sensibilities would all say that, but in fact, many people...
Huffington Post 01/23/2015
The state of the union certainly isn't good for the poorest and most vulnerable Americans, especially for the children who live in poverty --...
Religion News Service 01/23/2015
And this year — today — I am repenting of my dependence on fossil fuels.
Huffington Post 01/23/2015
“These terrorists are really blasphemers, I would say, theologically. They are blaspheming God.”
Huffington Post 01/22/2015
Rev. Jim Wallis spoke with HuffPost Live at Davos about being arrested in Ferguson, Missouri, saying his arrest was much different than the arrests...
Davos Dispatches 01/22/2015
Jim Wallis from Sojourners has just facilitated/chaired/inspired a great session, called ‘Stop to think who matters here, in Davos’.
Huffington Post 01/22/2015
These were snubs that didn't sit well with anyone, especially Rev. Jim Wallis.
Christian Post 01/21/2015
I was so struck by the rare effort made by the film Selma to highlight the roles of women in that struggle, which by many accounts was the high-water...
The Epoch Times 01/17/2015
Signed by 100 theologians, this letter will ask whether the candidate is willing to make ending hunger and poverty a top priority in his or her...
Christian Post 01/16/2015
A coalition of 100 Christian faith leaders is urging all potential 2016 presidential candidates to post videos stating how they plan to alleviate...
CNN 01/16/2015
What concerns me is his apparent belief that religion should have special protection when it comes to free speech.