The Common Good

Sojourners in the News

Time Magazine (online) 01/27/2015
You can't separate faith, values, and politics and expect our democracy to thrive.
The Times-Picayune (New Orleans) 01/26/2015
At Gov. Bobby Jindal's controversial prayer rally at LSU Saturday, state Sen. Jonathan Perry, R-Kaplan, asked God to send more born-again...
The Guardian 01/24/2015
Everybody would say “of course all lives matter”. Our philosophical, religious and moral sensibilities would all say that, but in fact, many people...
Huffington Post 01/23/2015
The state of the union certainly isn't good for the poorest and most vulnerable Americans, especially for the children who live in poverty --...
Religion News Service 01/23/2015
And this year — today — I am repenting of my dependence on fossil fuels.
Huffington Post 01/23/2015
“These terrorists are really blasphemers, I would say, theologically. They are blaspheming God.”
Huffington Post 01/22/2015
Rev. Jim Wallis spoke with HuffPost Live at Davos about being arrested in Ferguson, Missouri, saying his arrest was much different than the arrests...
Davos Dispatches 01/22/2015
Jim Wallis from Sojourners has just facilitated/chaired/inspired a great session, called ‘Stop to think who matters here, in Davos’.
Huffington Post 01/22/2015
These were snubs that didn't sit well with anyone, especially Rev. Jim Wallis.
Christian Post 01/21/2015
I was so struck by the rare effort made by the film Selma to highlight the roles of women in that struggle, which by many accounts was the high-water...
The Epoch Times 01/17/2015
Signed by 100 theologians, this letter will ask whether the candidate is willing to make ending hunger and poverty a top priority in his or her...
Christian Post 01/16/2015
A coalition of 100 Christian faith leaders is urging all potential 2016 presidential candidates to post videos stating how they plan to alleviate...
CNN 01/16/2015
What concerns me is his apparent belief that religion should have special protection when it comes to free speech.
Catholic Courier 01/16/2015
Under an umbrella organization called Circle of Protection, 100 Christian leaders want all presidential candidates to make poverty a priority...
Huffington Post 01/16/2015
Our first response to the horrible and frightening violence of Paris should be grief.
Huffington Post 01/09/2015
The movement's lessons have shaped my life. I feel like I am about to meet my heroes.
The Current (CBC) 01/05/2015
The Catholic Church is about to bring the influence of the Holy See to the issue of climate change. Today, we look at the religious push to protect...
Sea Coast Online 01/04/2015
No matter how it's framed, our current crisis is not just about police. It's about deeply ingrained American institutional privilege and...
Penticton Herald 01/03/2015
Jesus’ statement has often been misused by churchgoers and others as an excuse not to do anything about the poor. According to The Dictionary of...
Huffington Post 12/31/2014
We often only use the word in the context of our New Years, but "resolution" is a nuanced noun.