The Common Good

Sojourners in the News

Christian Post 11/24/2014
As the church considers the events of these days, the greatest challenge we face is this: Will we allow our view of "what we see" to go...
Christianity Today 11/24/2014
In light of the grand jury decision handed down tonight, it is of utmost importance that all Christians, but specifically white evangelicals, talk...
Christian Post 11/21/2014
Members of the EIT have expressed divided positions on how President Obama has decided to help the strangers living in the shadows.
Huffington Post 11/21/2014
After years of pushing the Obama administration to grant protections to undocumented immigrants, advocacy groups are now gearing up to make sure that...
Huffington Post 11/21/2014
Tonight, faith leaders and all those who have spent years trying to fix our broken immigration system should feel gratitude toward President Obama.
Christian Today 11/21/2014
Obama's announcement of reforms to America's immigrant laws has exposed divisions in US evangelical attitudes.
National Journal 11/20/2014
Since 1965, almost every legislative change on immigration has been preceded by a decision from the White House to allow some undocumented foreigners...
Huffington Post 11/14/2014
his is an open letter to Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon urging him to maintain peace and protect those exercising their right to free speech.
KWMU - St. Louis Public Radio 11/10/2014
Everyone is worried about what happens if the grand jury comes back and does not indict Darren Wilson. The disturbing part of this current discomfort...
Christian Post 11/07/2014
A number of Evangelical groups have urged President Barack Obama and the Republican-controlled Congress to work together on a plan that is fair to...
Huffington Post 11/07/2014
We have become resigned to politicians always blaming the other party for every problem instead of solving them and alleged political leaders...
US Catholic 11/05/2014
Nothing can compel us to practice hope, that most fragile of virtues. We can only be inspired.
Q Ideas 11/05/2014
In times like these, when politicians are sweating to sway voters to their side, it is tempting to begin to define ourselves and each other through...
St. Louis American 11/05/2014
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. talked about creating tension to bring people to the table for real negotiation – not violent tension, but a degree of...
The Huntsville Times 11/03/2014
Do you want the priorities to change in Washington? Then change Huntsville, says Jim Wallis.
Huffington Post 10/31/2014
One of the things I really appreciate about Black-ish is that it takes universal issues and works them out through a genuinely African-American lens.
The Huntsville Times 10/27/2014
In fact, it seems that these days, the ancient idea of the common good has become most uncommon.
Huffington Post 10/27/2014
We have Ebola on the brain. Amid so much anxiety, we turn to All Saints' Day in the church's calendar.
Huffington Post 10/24/2014
What happened in Ottawa is also a reminder for me that while we can't remove all violence, we can take steps as a country to reduce it.
The Huntsville Times 10/24/2014
Rabbi David Saperstein, the man declared by Newsweek magazine to be the "Most Influential Rabbi in America" will speak in Huntsville at the...