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Sojourners in the News

Think Progress 04/15/2015
A sweeping coalition of Catholic leaders is calling on lawmakers to embrace Obama’s proposed deal with Iran to scale back the country’s nuclear...
National Catholic Reporter 04/14/2015
Nearly 400 Catholic and evangelical leaders said the occasion of Holy Week prompted them to "speak out with renewed urgency against the death...
Religion News Service 04/13/2015
U.S. Catholic bishops have welcomed the Obama administration’s tentative agreement aimed at limiting Iran’s nuclear ambitions.
Baptist News Global 04/13/2015
Four dozen Christian leaders voiced support for a framework agreement for a peaceful path to prevent Iran from building nuclear weapons in a full-...
The Concord Monitor 04/11/2015
Iranian, American; Muslim, Jew, Christian; Shiite, Sunni; Black, White. Only in relationship with the other are we free.
Catholic News Service 04/10/2015
The World Bank and global faith leaders are joining together to end extreme poverty around the world by 2030.
Huffington Post 04/09/2015
Patience, persistence, and wisdom are now required of us all. It's a season of hope. It's time for a choice to "hope but verify."
Christian Today 04/09/2015
President Obama yesterday acknowledged that he often "falls short" of Jesus, but said he prays that he would be able to live up to his...
Baha'i World News Service 04/09/2015
A group of diverse religious leaders has issued a statement showing "moral consensus" for a World Bank-initiated effort to end extreme...
Washington Post (Acts of Faith) 04/09/2015
Religious leaders have proven to be powerful voices within a larger conversation about “Black Lives Matter,” a conversation that opened up once again...
Catholic News Service 04/07/2015
President Barack Obama observed that the celebration of Easter puts other concerns into context.
Religion News Service 04/07/2015
President Obama turned both personal and preachy Tuesday (April 7) during his annual Easter Prayer Breakfast, which he has hosted at the White House... 04/04/2015
On Thursday, April 9, there will be an unusual opportunity for members of the community to learn about the Parliament of the World's Religions.
The Fiji Times Online 04/03/2015
The stark reality is that Jesus was killed because of what he said and did.
Huffington Post 04/02/2015
Despite religious differences, whether discrimination against gay and lesbian people in the public square is legitimate should be answered with a...
Christian Today 04/01/2015
A critic of prominent preacher Franklin Graham denied that she and other co-authors of an open letter had advocated public disobedience against the...
Christian Today 04/01/2015
Nearly 400 Church leaders and theologians have released a statement calling for the end of the death penalty, timed to coincide with Holy Week.
Religion News Service 03/31/2015
More than 400 Catholic and evangelical leaders are using Jesus’ state-sanctioned execution to call for an end to the death penalty.
The Berkshire Eagle 03/30/2015
Muslims worship the same God as Christians and Jews. While complete theological agreement is not possible, Christians and Jews and Muslims can come...
Church Times 03/27/2015
THE "crude, insensitive, and paternalistic" comments made by Franklin Graham about police shootings, have been condemned by Evangelical...