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Sojourners in the News

Huffington Post 03/06/2015
This is not a post-racial America, especially in regard to our policing and criminal justice systems. Ferguson has become a teaching parable for the...
Mennonite World Review 03/03/2015
We are called to speak loving truth in the face of the hatred of ISIS, O’Reilly, and all the other murderers and false prophets who seek to confuse,...
Huffington Post 03/03/2015
Standing outside the prison that night, Tragesser couldn't see it as anything but an act of God.
Huffington Post 03/03/2015
We agonize over the hatred and blind zealotry of the terrorists. But how can we match them?
Religion News Service 03/02/2015
Theologians from various traditions have joined together in an effort to gain clemency for death row inmate—and fellow theologian—Kelly Gissendaner.
Deseret News 03/02/2015
The impending execution of Georgia death-row inmate Kelly Gissendaner has an international audience.
Christianity Today - Her.meneutics 02/26/2015
In a nation still plagued with injustice, we remember history so we can move forward.
Huffington Post 02/26/2015
As a theologian and pastor, I want to say that ISIS is evil.
Daily Kos 02/26/2015
Like budget decisions, climate decisions are moral decisions. Decisions that impact the environment reveal our moral commitments.
Changing America 02/24/2015
Host Maria Teresa Kumar takes a deep dive into comprehensive immigration reform with guests Sojourners founder and president Jim Wallis, Ali Noorani...
Changing America 02/24/2015
Jim Wallis talks about the growing generation divide on immigration and why discomfort with changing demographics is the obstacle to passing...
St. Joe's Channel 02/24/2015
As soon as President Obama vetoed Congress’ Keystone XL pipeline bill today, organizers of those opposed to the pipeline issued a heartfelt thank you.
Bold Nebraska 02/24/2015
A diverse coalition of citizens signed the “#NoKXL Unity Letter” urging President Obama to veto the misguided legislation and to reject the permit...
CounterPunch 02/23/2015
The only way to really beat a death cult is with a dedication to life.
Christian Today 02/22/2015
Most Rev Justin Welby said that it was impossible for the Church "get on with the family business of saving souls" while politicians dealt...
The Blaze 02/20/2015
Bill O’Reilly clashed with the Rev. Jim Wallis on Thursday night over O’Reilly’s use of the term “holy war” to describe the West’s battle against the...
Christian Post 02/19/2015
It is our duty to fight … for the sake of our future.
Patheos 02/19/2015
Before the game, we witnessed a moment of nonviolent Atonement.
Mediaite 02/19/2015
Bill O’Reilly used his show to declare that the U.S. is in a “holy war” against ISIS. Tonight, he was confronted on that rhetoric by Reverend Jim...
The O'Reilly Factor 02/19/2015
Some religious leaders are pacifists and won't no part of striking back at ISIS How would they confront the terror group?