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Sojourners Expands Billboard Campaign in Response to Toledo Mosque Arson

Date: October 5, 2012

An evangelical social-justice-focused organization has expanded its billboard campaign stressing religious tolerance in response to a recent arson attack on an Ohio mosque.

The Washington, DC-based Sojourners will post several billboards within the next seven to ten days which will read "Love Your Muslim Neighbors."

The billboards will be located off of I-75 near the I-75/I-475 interchange, which is near the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo, which was recently the target of an arson attack.

Timothy King, Chief Communications Officer for Sojourners, told The Christian Post that a major focus of the billboard campaign is to note that religious tolerance is "part of a faithful Christian witness."

"Even when we don't believe the same things as our neighbors, we can still live in peace with them and show them the love of Christ," said King.