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Sojourners Applauds Appointment of Cecilia Muñoz to Head Domestic Policy Council

Date: January 10, 2012



January 10, 2012


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Sojourners Applauds Appointment of Cecilia Muñoz to Head Domestic Policy Council

Washington, DC 01/10/2012 – President Obama announced today that Cecilia Munoz, current Director of White House Intergovernmental Affairs, has been chosen to be the next head of the Domestic Policy Council. Ms. Muñoz, who will replace Melody Barnes, has been a principal force behind the president’s work toward immigration reform.

Jim Wallis and Sojourners have worked closely with Cecilia Muñoz on comprehensive immigration reform and are encouraged by President Obama’s appointment of such a dynamic leader to head the Domestic Policy Council.

Lisa Sharon Harper, Sojourners’ Director of Mobilizing, issued the following statement in response to the appointment:

Cecilia Muñoz understands the importance of working with the faith community to fix our broken immigration system. Her appointment is a positive sign that the Obama Administration will continue taking steps toward comprehensive immigration reform.

We plan to continue our advocacy for a system that promotes family unity, ensures security, promotes economic growth, and respects the life and dignity of all God’s children. As the daughter of immigrants, we know that Ms. Muñoz shares our concerns and we look forward to working with her, the administration, and Congress to find solutions. The recent rule change allowing for family unity waivers to be obtained in the United States, an effort in which Ms. Munoz was pivotal, was an important step, and we look forward to further significant changes in the future.


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