The Common Good

Small screen, big ideals: Charlotte producer Linda Midgett takes work with a social conscience to television

Date: December 26, 2012

"You feel interesting when you're with her; I've gone through hard things, and she's been there for me: You don't go off her radar, when you're her friend. But what makes her a brilliant producer is that she finds everyone's lives interesting. You see that in 'The Line.'

Midgett made that documentary for Sojourners, a national group with the motto "Faith in action for social justice." Its main story is about a former banker in Page County, Va., who now feeds his family through food pantries.

"I went to film a man at his 'apartment' in an extended stay hotel," she says. "I was picturing my first college apartment, with shabby furniture and a couple of pictures to make it homey. But there were whole families with kids staying in one room there. He had nothing but the clothes on his back -- and that was a step up for him. I shot the footage and went back to the car in tears."