The Common Good

Senate Blocks Vote on DREAM Act; Supporters Not Deterred

Date: December 18, 2010

The Senate blocked on Saturday a vote on the DREAM Act which would have provided children of illegal immigrants a conditional pathway to apply for citizenship.


Allison Johnson, campaign coordinator of Christians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, which has urged for the bill's passage, called the Senate vote a setback and not a failure.

"We can be angry, bitter, cynical, and even furious for today. But tomorrow, we move forward. We pick ourselves back up, dust off the dirt of despair, and keep at it," Johnson wrote in a blog for Sojourners, a progressive Christian group that supports the DREAM Act.

"There are vigils to attend, actions to plan, sermons to write, and young people to comfort. We can be a witness and comfort to our friends, colleagues, and neighbors who are burned out and depressed."