The Common Good

Seeking a path to common good

Date: April 28, 2013

Jim Wallis, an evangelical Christian and editor of Sojourners magazine, writes that, in all Abrahamic religions, love of God comes first and then is immediately connected to our neighbor. Christians are to care for themselves and families, then are asked to care for “our neighbors as ourselves and our neighbor's children as our children.” Wallis believes this is “an ethic that could transform the world.”

All of us need to follow Pope John XXIII's model of reading the signs of the times. The path to the universal common good begins with love of God and immediately proceeds to love thy neighbor. My students and all youth across the globe need to study world religions to transcend religious parochialism. Putting a face on the other through interfaith dialogue is a path to the universal common good.

The goal on any university campus is to institutionalize activities, assuring that every foreign student can become an integral part of the campus community. However, young people need mentors and role models. The question then becomes personal. How many of us model an interfaith love of thy neighbor?