The Common Good

Romney's Mormonism To Be A Bigger Issue In The General Election, Say Evangelicals

Date: November 1, 2011

But a prominent religious leader of the progressive left, Rev. Jim Wallis, disavowed such tactics and specifically called out Hitchens for being "as bad a secular fundamentalist as Jerry Falwell or the Ayatollah Khomeini are bad religious fundamentalists."

"He is a hostile, vitriolic, hateful person when it comes to people of faith," Wallis told HuffPost. "He is intellectually completely ignorant of religion."

Wallis said he opposes Romney on policy grounds.

"What kind of underwear Mitt Romney wears is a lot less important to us than what his moral compass is and what his policy agenda is," Wallis said. "He doesn't show any real concern for the people Jesus talked most about, the least of these. I don't see any ever mention of poor, vulnerable oppressed people. He's basically a candidate for -- he's a Wall Street candidate."