The Common Good

Religious Left Holds Prayer Vigil at Supreme Court Over Immigration Law

Date: April 25, 2012

It will be a "sad day in the life of America" if the Supreme Court upholds Arizona's immigration law, Lisa Sharon Harper told The Christian Post in a Wednesday interview. In particular, Harper was concerned about "the most heinous pieces" of the law "that legalize racial profiling."

Harper is the director of mobilizing for Sojourners, one of the groups that participated in the vigil.

"We have to be concerned about the rule of law," Harper said, "there are 11 million who are here, and got into this country in an illegal manner, but we also have to be realistic" about the nation's immigration problem.

Sojourners also participates in a coalition of religious groups representing a broad spectrum of Christianity that is working for comprehensive immigration reform. But this week's prayer vigil, organized by Interfaith Immigration Coalition and Rights Working Group, included only liberal groups.

Harper urged Christians to allow their faith to inform their views on immigration.

"As Christians, it is important for us to allow Christ to be part of our thinking, as we think about this issue. It is not enough to think about this in practical terms," Harper said. "On a spiritual level, there is no reason why our thinking should be divorced from the call of Jesus, the call of God, throughout scripture, to make sure that, if no else is protected, that widows, orphans an immigrants are protected within our borders."