The Common Good

Religious Leader: 'Words From Capitol Hill...Make Me Ache'

Date: October 16, 2013

(WASHINGTON) -- A small group of religious leaders held a “Faithful Filibuster” at sunrise at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday to pray for an agreement on a deal to reopen the government, avoid default and protect the needs of America’s poor.

Jim Wallis, founder of the Christian community Sojourners, is frustrated. “The words from the Capitol this week make me ache. They really make me ache,” he said.

Wallis has been at the Capitol every day for a week and he’s hurting inside. “The words from politicians and pundits make me ache. We've lost the common good,” he declared.

Sensing a vote could come Wednesday, as the sun came up over the Capitol, Wallis and a group of about 10 other religious leaders called on Congress to end the impasse.

“We pray for votes made today that they will honor You and honor the people who are in such danger,” Wallis and the group prayed.