The Common Good

Poverty, Homelessness Not on Candidates’ Agenda

Date: October 25, 2012

Having kept a pretty close eye on what’s going on with all things presidential, I’m disturbed by something lacking in all the political drama. I hear a lot of discussion about the middle class, but nothing being said about homelessness and hunger.

My concern has been echoed by Sojourners Magazine and a CNN commentator who said, “Neither (presidential) candidate talks about solutions for poverty.” Isn’t it time they did? What should we tell them, or is it pointless? Will homelessness and hunger remain the same, whoever is elected?

I had one of my staff pose this question to a few Joy Junction guests. Here are some of their responses. One person said, “Whoever wins (doesn’t) matter, ’cause every president always overlooks the homeless like we don’t exist.”