The Common Good

Pope Francis Calls Out the Church

Source: Patheos
Date: March 14, 2013

Only a day into his papacy, and I’ve got to admit, Pope Francis has my attention. In an editorial piece on the Sojourners website today, Jim Wallis cited a surprising and very heartening quote from the new pontiff, especially for those looking in from the outside as non-Catholics. Here’s an excerpt from one of his first public addresses:

“We have to avoid the spiritual sickness of a self-referential church. It’s true that when you get out into the street, as happens to every man and woman, there can be accidents. However, if the church remains closed in on itself, self-referential, it gets old. Between a church that suffers accidents in the street, and a church that’s sick because it’s self-referential, I have no doubts about preferring the former.”

What is most exciting to me is that this statement could just as easily been given by one of the current missional church leaders, leading the way to major changes in the protestant church. Whether it’s sexual scandal, collective and cultural doubt, internal division or dwindling numbers, it’s easy to turn in on ourselves when things are tough, endeavoring to protect and preserve what we have left. But Pope Francis rightly calls us out of that way of thinking, instead taking willing risks by focusing outward. He even acknowledges that we’ll screw up, probably more than once. Even so, he’d rather be the head of an imperfect church whose mission is focused on those beyond the walls, rather than one who seeks to appear strong or blameless at the cost of vulnerability and transparency.