The Common Good

Politics (and corporate foundations) makes strange bedfellows

Source: Patheos
Date: December 12, 2012

One of the most prolific hacks for this group was this guy with a phallic name who, by the mid-1990s, had really established himself as a shameless distortion artist. He was then, and remains now, widely despised by everyone who has ever attended any church event and then read his unrecognizable “report” of what transpired.

The first time I encountered him in person was at the one conference where he opted not to write his usual hatchet piece. This was one of the “Christian roundtable” gatherings in the 1990s that brought together a wide array of Christian leaders, scholars and activists from all over the ideological and denominational spectrum. They offered a chance for candid conversation seeking common ground and were generally pretty constructive. This particular gathering included both Jim Wallis of Sojourners and Gary Bauer, then of the Family Research Council, to give you an idea of the scene.

I was walking in with a very conservative friend, part of the First Things crowd. He was a Kuyperian Calvinist, a Marine veteran and a sharp guy who enjoyed a good argument. Since we agreed on quite a bit and disagreed on quite a bit, we had become friends and argument-buddies. My friend spotted the hack in the lobby outside the main meeting room, recognizing him before I did. He muttered something about not letting that “little sh–” write his usual hatchet-job on this event and strode over to him.