The Common Good

Paul Simon: God's Chronicler

Source: Patheos
Date: May 1, 2012

The thing about Paul Simon's songwriting, a thing that he himself has expressed recently, is that you don't ever really know exactly what he's on about, but you know he's on to something. His latest album, "So Beautiful or So What" is all about God. I mean, it's right there in every song, and yet it took reading a write up by Cathleen Falsani of Sojourners in order for Simon to realize it. He was so amazed by her discovery that he called her. Paul Simon. Called her. To talk about his songs.

Falsani describes Simon, in an interview on Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly, as a "God chronicler by accident." This is true. And this is what is missing from American religion. We're all so self-assured of the fact that we believe in God, or know God, or that God speaks through us. We are all so certain of something that is beautiful and enduring precisely because it does not lend itself to certainty.