The Common Good

Is the Past Our Future? Learning From the 'Evangelical Left'

Date: October 26, 2012

Are we "New Evangelicals" open to the hard lessons? There are hopeful signs. One leader, Lisa Sharon Harper, has seen that the answer to the "evangelical right" is not a revived evangelical left. She wants more nuance:

"I am a Kingdom Christian, not a leftist Christian, a conservative Christian, nor any other political brand of Christian ... I am called to be a prophetic Christian. The axis of my political engagement is scripture and the biblical theology of shalom: It sets the standards of my political engagement."

Such an approach allows everyone to listen to all sides. There really are compassionate conservatives who share burdens for justice, the environment and the poor. I know. I've met them. We can work together. Honest. Perhaps some will become instrumental in resurrecting the GOP's moderate wing -- which can only be good.

The bus is rumbling back. Swartz's book can help us climb into it if we listen to its implied warnings.