The Common Good

The O'Reilly Factor

Source: Fox News
Date: November 3, 2005

Rev. Jim Wallis, author of "The Call to Conversion: Why Faith is Always Personal, But Never Private"

Democrats have had difficulty earning the votes of devoutly religious Americans. Author and minister Jim Wallis has been providing advice to politicians such as Senator Hillary Clinton and DNC chair Howard Dean. "Democrats who are people of faith," Rev. Wallis said, "should let their faith shine through. Religion is about being converted to the poor, and Democrats and Republicans need to hear that. Religion should not be a wedge to divide us, but should be a bridge to bring us together on the big issues." The Factor suggested that some Democrats, among them Hillary Clinton, have taken positions that many consider hostile to religion. "Senator Clinton is going to run for president, and she's going to be viewed with suspicion by many religious Americans. She's a secularist."