The Common Good

At Occupy Wall Street, God Is In The Air

Date: October 20, 2011

Over the past few weeks, I have traveled both to "Liberty Plaza” to see for myself the young people "occupying” Wall Street and to Abu Dhabi to meet with CEO's and business leaders at a World Economic Forum summit. While the two forums couldn't have been more different, I was surprised to find that the heart of their concerns were the same. Both groups believe that our current governmental and economic systems are broken and that change will require both structural and moral overhaul.

Traveling to "Liberty Plaza” and meeting the young people of Occupy Wall Street conjured up many old feelings. I remembered four decades ago, when I was a young protestor and found myself in the middle of a movement. Each night, the activities of students were on the evening news and we started to realize the power and responsibility of being able to put 10,000 people in the streets in a few hours time. Most of all, I recall the energy of feeling that you were at the center of a national and even global conversation. You grow up quickly.