The Common Good

Neutering God

Date: January 14, 2011

 It's a wonderful mercy that much of the more extreme elements of radical feminist theology in the churches peaked in the 1990s and have since faded.


A recent commentary in Jim Wallis' Sojournerscomes from a woman Presbyterian minister, who apparently learned "inclusive language" at McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago. "Using inclusive language makes room for the diversity of God's people to feel equally valued, included, acknowledged, and invited to participate in God's community," she explains, as she struggled to overcome her conservative Southern Baptist background. She recalled attending a feminist theological conference where "Godde" was offered as a compromise between God and "Goddess." Apparently this was advocated by older women, while the younger women were somewhat discomfited. Currently based at a "diverse" San Francisco church, this minister now feels a "connection with God as Mother, Bosom, and Nurturer."