The Common Good

The Missing Middle: Three Expressions Of Christ I'm Yearning To See In Evangelicalism

Date: December 12, 2013

Are you seeing a rise in centrists?
I was hopeful because I had read one of Ed's tweets with interest, as it echoed themes of posts I'd written that same week.
Statistically, the unchurched lean heavily Democrat. So -- and I know it's just me talking crazy now -- if you want to reach the unchurched, maybe constant Facebook/Twitter posts about how stupid Democrats are might be a bad idea……..

3. Centrists in Relationship
I yearn for a tribe that doesn't ask me to disidentify with other believers I love in order to be at home with their camp. I have a deep and healthy personal history with a conservative evangelical denomination. The local expressions of their denomination have done well by me. And evangelicalism, although it has since taken me through the Methodist and Wesleyan camps, has always been my adult home. I write for evangelicals, I invest in evangelicals, I work among evangelicals, I believe alongside evangelicals. I love how they study and internalize the Bible.
Yet my heart for social justice has led me into enduring friendship with progressive Christian communities as well. With non-denominational churches and urban gospel ones, with Sojourners and Red Letter Christians and a stream of social-justice minded people who have offered me equal good in the name of Christ. I have written for them, invested in them, worked among them, and believed among them as well. I love how they live and practice the Bible.