The Common Good

Mike Huckabee: Christians Should Vote Values or Face the 'Test of Fire'

Date: October 31, 2012

And what are the convictions of evangelical Christian Women? According to the book, "What Christian Women Want This Election Season," published by her-meneutics, poverty scores high because it is more likely to affect women than their male counterparts. According to Lisa Sharon Harper, the poverty rate for women in 2010 was 14.5 percent, compared to 11.2 percent for men.

"Poverty effects everybody: women in two-parent homes, single women, and single mothers. Elderly women are also more likely than elderly men to be poor," Harper stated, adding that such figures made poverty the "number one issue."

Equality is another important issue.

"Every contact point in our election decision-making, we should be thinking about poverty and inequality in our country and around the world," Harper said. "That's the women's issue of our time."

Poverty is of course, still an economic concern, but it is not one without values or morals. A Christian vote for evangelical women could go either way.