The Common Good

John Nichols: Sequester pain cuts deeper than flight delays

Date: May 2, 2013

Forty-one members of the House opposed the Reducing Flight Delays Act that was cobbled together by Congress as a rapid response to the griping of business travelers about air travel delay caused by sequester cuts to the FAA.

“If you were to judge by Congress’ actions, you’d think waiting in line at the airport was more important to us than providing meals to seniors, early education for kids or critical care to cancer patients,” said Pocan. “The sequester is not just a bad idea for one program or group — it’s a bad idea for everyone, and it’s past time we eliminate it from our books and our memories. House Republicans need to allow us to move forward with a budget, and Congress needs to come together and support all of our hard-working families, not just those with influence.”

The Rev. Jim Wallis, founder of the Sojourners movement, has long argued that “Our budget is a moral document and it is either going to reflect the best of who we are or the worst.”

Pocan gets the point. The congressman doesn’t like flight delays. But he’s arguing that there are equal and higher priorities that Congress should be addressing.