The Common Good

Jimmy Carter vs. the Southern Baptist Convention: A Sea Change?

Date: April 5, 2013

It's safe to say that everyone from Mark Driscoll's reformed theology cohort to the Catholic Church and even the SBC itself would stand unified in opposition to the more egregious and graphic examples of violence against women. But the more silent, insidious oppression of women through systemic roadblocks, gender bias and sexual objectification can be just as damaging, if not more so in terms of numbers of women affected.

Consider, for example, Victoria's Secret's most recent "Bright Young Things" campaign, which generated a fair amount of blowback from those accusing them of sexually objectifying teens. In their own defense, they contended their focus was on college students, but the problem remains with that third little word in the title of the campaign:


Sojourners rightly shot back against this part of the campaign, and since then, they have started a photo album on Facebook of girls in various settings, with titles like "Bright Young Scholar," or "Bright Young Athlete." It's a start, but the very fact that we're still having such conversations a dozen-plus years into the 21st century shows just how far we still have to go.