The Common Good

Jim Wallis Rebuts False Accusations from Religious Right

Sojourner's Jim Wallis, a member of the Circle [of Protection] and a vocal advocate for a moral budget, publically responded to CASE in a recent interview with the Christian Post. Wallis asserted that CASE has attempted to misrepresent the Circle's intentions by suggesting that the Circle favors a "blanket defense" of government programs rather than practical economic solutions to address the national debt.

In his interview, Wallis agreed that CASE and the Circle agree on some things, such as a shared concern for the poor and the need to address growing debt. However, the groups diverge on how to implement these values in policy, especially when it comes to revenue. While CASE focuses on the "threat" of government spending and opposes any kind of tax increases to address the national debt, the Circle advocates for revenue reform as an alternative to extreme spending cuts to important programs that safeguard the poorest and most vulnerable members of society.