The Common Good

Islamic center controversy slowing down one year after

Date: September 26, 2012

Imam Ossama Mohamed Bahloul spoke on reaching the community of Murfreesboro during the first Friday prayer last week in the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro on the anniversary of the building’s groundbreaking.

In order to have this first worship service, Imam Bahloul along with the rest of the Islamic community, underwent three years of controversy and strife for building a new facility.

“It feels like everything is in its place,” Bahloul said. “It feels right. People are supposed to be excited and happy. It feels so special because we can celebrate the freedom of religion, and that the concept of liberty is alive and not dead. The facility has become a symbol because so many people didn’t want us to be here, and so many have supported us worldwide.”

The Muslim community is also receiving support from the Sojourners, a national Christian advocate group for faith in action for social justice. The Sojourners are placing a billboard with the message “Love Your Muslim Neighbors.” The sign is slated to go up Sept. 24 at 1015 S. Church St.