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Immigration Reform 2013: THE UPDATE for Monday Feb. 25

A complicated debate and legislative process lie ahead. Here to decipher the headlines for you every Monday is THE UPDATE, a weekly blog series whose panel of experts will analyze how recent events affect the prospects for real reform. The panelists will offer an insider’s view of what’s happening right now on Capitol Hill, bolstered by their decades of experience with immigration reform and the legislative process.

"On Sunday, a story in USA Today revealed a leaked draft of immigration reform legislation being prepared by the White House. While pundits parsed it looking for controversy, the draft bill revealed nothing new about the president’s principles for immigration reform. This week also saw encouraging developments taking place on the ground. On Thursday, the Evangelical Immigration Table hosted a lively conference call with pastors, activists, and lay leaders from across the nation who have taken up the “I Was a Stranger Challenge.” Churches, Christian colleges, and networks across the country are committing to read 40 scriptures about immigration over 40 days. On Feb. 20, the Dallas Morning News published a front-page article about how conservatives are now rallying for just immigration reform. Despite the latest reports about his own plans, the president is urging Congress to take leadership on this issue. The senate, led by the bipartisan “Gang of 8,” should follow its original goal of drafting legislation by March and vote before the August recess. We must remember: every minute we waste, individuals and families are suffering. This is not about politics; it is about people." -Lisa Sharon Harper, Director of Mobilizing, Sojourners