The Common Good

Immigration Reform 2013: Undocumented Immigrants Should Be Allowed To Work And Bear Their Responsibility At Balance

Date: October 22, 2013

According to Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT), the broken immigration system should be reformed to reflect each person's God-given dignity, respect the rule of law, protect family unity, guarantee secure borders, ensure fairness to taxpayers and establish a path towards citizenship.

"As evangelicals, we don't believe there are second class images of God, and therefore we don't believe in a second class status for people who are willing to follow and earned path for citizenship," said the Rev. Jim Wallis, president and CEO of Sojourners, which is part of the EIT.

Some American citizens have complained that illegal immigrants are using up the resources of the taxpayers. The Evangelical stance responded positively to suggest that the undocumented immigrants should be allowed to work toward citizenship as long as they embrace all the responsibilities that come with it, and be willing to undergo a three to five waiting period.

On Government side, Obama Government suggested that Immigration Reform would help growing the economy, create jobs and cut the deficit. In the video showed in the White House website, ' is estimated that GDP will grow 3.3% in 2023 and 5.4% in 2033 with Immigration Reform. Entrepreneurs, highly-skilled workers and hard-working immigrants and post-graduate students have been attracted to U.S. from all over the World, however, the broken immigration system usually prevented them to stay in U.S. and so their ideas. So, the immigration reform will make it easier for the entrepreneurs to come and start business.'

In addition, more men for labors which means more taxs received from the immigrant workforce. It is estimated that eight hundred and fifty billion dollars will be taxed by April 15, 2033. It will help balancing the fiscal budget which is in deficit at present.