The Common Good

Immigration advocates target lawmakers in home districts

Date: April 1, 2013

A coalition of evangelicals is expanding an advertising campaign on Christian radio that began last month in South Carolina to four more states: Texas, Florida, Colorado and North Carolina. The ads feature local pastors making a moral case for revamping immigration laws, including offering a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

Pastors said the goal of their effort is to translate a growing awareness among church leaders of the problems with the current immigration system, which has kept families apart for years, to other members of the church and their elected leaders. The impetus to seek change has grown as more Latinos and Asians have joined Christian churches.

The ad campaign, at a cost estimated to be in six figures, will run all week on Christian radio stations, organizers said.

“It’s been said that the most compelling voice a legislator hears is that of his own constituents,” said Tim King, communications director at Sojourners, a Christian advocacy group on social issues that is helping stage the radio ad campaign.