The Common Good

Hope in Troubled Times: A New Vision for Confronting Global Crises

Source: LifeWay
Date: November 11, 2013

"The real struggle of our time is the choice between cynicism and hope. "Hope in Troubled Times" argues persuasively that the power and possibility of biblical hope offers a resolution to the problems of combating terrorism, global poverty, and environmental degradation."--Jim Wallis, author, "God's Politics"; editor-in-chief, "Sojourners"

""Hope in Troubled Times" pulls off the difficult feat of communicating, in a gracious and non-judgmental way, the dire straits in which our society finds itself today. Others have used the concept of idolatry as a category of social critique; no one has ever used it with such biblically-informed power and specificity. The analysis is sobering; no punches are pulled. But the ultimate context is hope, not despair. It's a remarkable achievement."--Nicholas Wolterstorff, Noah Porter Professor Emeritus of Philosophical Theology, Yale Divinity School