The Common Good

Faith Leaders And Activists Fast To Protest Inaction On Immigration Reform

Date: November 12, 2013

WASHINGTON, D.C.– On Tuesday, faith and civil rights leaders gathered in a heated tent outside the Capitol building to announce that they had begun a national fasting campaign as a way to pressure Congress to act on immigration reform that includes a pathway to citizenship. At least four speakers said that they would either fast in solidarity for a few days or fast until they needed medical attention.

Rev. Jim Wallis is a conservative faith leader and President of the Christian media site Sojourners. He is fasting for two days because “all of us are responsible. The fix will require all of us. There’s no good reason to oppose immigration reform– there’s no policy reason. It is fear. And it is self-interest and dysfunction.” He added, “today we’re praying for a miracle or in January, or in February, and we will not go away until [reform] passes… I think fasting and prayer shouldn’t end until we get comprehensive immigration reform.”