The Common Good

Extreme Right Wing Republicans Supports Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Date: May 30, 2013

There are no more extreme right wing members than Evangelists.  Mike Huckabee and friends are conspiracy theorists, and believe all Liberals are disciples of the devil.  Thursday these extreme right wing Republicans supporters came out in favor of comprehensive immigration reform.

The Evangelical Immigration Table raised $250,000 Thursday to place ads hoping to secure Republican votes that would allow a pathway to citizenship for eleven million men, women and children who are non-residents of the country.  These radio ads and billboards will be centered in Florida.

“We’re expecting thousands more to stand up and be counted as advocates of immigration reform,” said Dr. Russell Moore, president-elect of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention.

The religious leaders said that responsible immigration is a “biblical and theological issue,” not a political issue.

“Before my political affiliation, I am a Christian,” said Rev. Dan Krause, the lead pastor at Chugach Covenant Church in Alaska. “My values are rooted in that place… I’m completely convinced that God has spoken on this issue. It is our job as Christians and as Christian leaders to love those who are here in Jesus’ name.”