The Common Good

The Evangelical, Latino case for immigration reform

The Evangelical Immigration Table, of which we are both members, strongly supports reforms to our U.S. immigration policies that are consistent with biblical values of compassion, family unity, and respect for the rule of law.

The Evangelical Immigration Table is strictly non-partisan; in fact, part of the strength of the Table is its ideological, denominational, ethnic and geographical diversity, bringing together Evangelical Christians who may not usually see eye-to-eye.

Our agenda is driven not by the Donkey or the Elephant but by the Lamb: we are driven first and foremost by our commitment to the authority of God’s Word over every aspect of our lives, and we believe that Scripture provides principles that compel us to advocate for reforms to immigration policy. However, for those of us who are social conservatives,supporting immigration reform is not only good policy; it is also good politics.