The Common Good

Documentary on Poverty Seeks to Smash Stereotypes, Refocus Election

Date: October 4, 2012

"The Line," a new documentary by Sojourners, wants viewers to reconsider many of the stereotypes people have about those living in poverty. In a panel discussion following the film's Tuesday premiere in Washington, D.C., promoters said they hope the film will encourage voters to ask political candidates to talk more about how they would address poverty if elected.

During every election cycle, Matthew 25 gets rewritten to say "just as you did for the middle class," joked the Rev. Adam Taylor. Candidates from neither party seem interested in addressing issues of concern to lower income Americans, the panelists complained.

Taylor, vice president of advocacy for World Vision, was joined on the panel by the Rev. Jim Wallis, founder and president of Sojourners, Linda Midgett, who produced and directed the film and has won two Emmy awards, and Sheila Edwards Howard, founder of Born to Be Light and one of those featured in the film.