The Common Good

Divining the Fate of the Affordable Care Act

Source: Urban Faith
Date: April 2, 2012

LaVonne Neff sounded a similar warning at Sojourners, but was almost as non-committal as everyone else on the fate of the affordable care act, except when telling four stories of people struggling to get or stayed insured. “Maybe the Affordable Care Act is constitutional and maybe it’s not. If it turns out to be constitutional, maybe it’s good legislation and maybe it’s not. In any case, it’s looking increasingly likely that the Supreme Court, come June, will strike down at least the requirement that everyone buy health insurance. And if the mandate goes, two other requirements will most likely go with it: Once again insurers will be able to reject or refuse to renew applicants. And once again Americans with pre-existing conditions will be uninsurable,” said Neff before telling those stories, all of which sound a lot like my own.