The Common Good

That Darn Camel: My Struggle with Tithing

Source: Patheos
Date: June 4, 2012

Lest we think that the Bible verse above applies only to multimillionaires, from a global and historical perspective, many of us are indeed rich. As Tim King wrote for Sojourners several months ago, even when he was a cash-poor twenty-something earning a small nonprofit salary while living in expensive Washington, DC, his education, stable housing, steady employment, and regular access to food meant he “was quickly approaching the 1 percent.” King went on to say that, despite his feeling that he had no wiggle room in his budget, he believes God was calling him to a sacrificial 10 percent tithe. To his peers, he writes:

If you are young, college-educated, have an income above the poverty line (that’s about $14,000 annually for all those who are single), and care about justice — you can afford to give away 10 percent of your income to charity. If you say otherwise, you are lying.