The Common Good

Clinton Joins Call For New Social Covenant

Source: The Hoya
Date: September 20, 2013

Chelsea Clinton was among a group of global leaders who convened in Riggs Library on Wednesday to cap the World Economic Forum’s 2013 Global Agenda Council on Values, where experts drafted a document that proposed ways to rebuild trust between business, government and society earlier this week.

“I don’t think we’re short on optimism or ambition, admittedly. I think we have a sense of things we can’t do, though,” she said. “We try to be really judicious [and try] to have other people solve problems [when] we’re not the right actor.”

The last conversation took place between keynote speaker Jim Wallis, the president of Sojourners magazine and council chair, and Stewart Wallis, the executive director of the New Economic Foundation, of no relation to Jim Wallis.

Stewart Wallis spoke about the degradation of values in the economic system.

“I would say we’ve got markets as religion and I think that’s very dangerous,” he said.

Jim Wallis advocated a “wisdom-based economy.”

“Let’s not have a values seminar every year at Davos and then go back to our places of work and not see anything change,” he said. “I’ve learned most about the world from being in places I wasn’t supposed to be or with people I wasn’t supposed to ever meet.”