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Christians to Obama: End this War

Source: Sojourners
Date: May 12, 2011


Thursday, May 12, 2011


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Christians to Obama: End this War

New campaign and website to pressure Congress and Administration



WASHINGTON, DC – Ten years and more than 10,000 lives after the United States began military action in Afghanistan, Sojourners is revitalizing the push to save innocent Afghani lives, end the unnecessary deaths of our own soldiers and curtail the crippling financial cost of the war.


And they are taking the message straight to Congress.


Thanks to an email action alert that went out to nearly 250,000 thousand Sojourners supporters Wednesday, Congressional offices will be receiving thousands of messages from individuals demanding that a serious troop pullout begin in July — and not just a “symbolic withdrawal.”


“This war is too costly for all of us: too many soldiers dead and wounded and Afghan lives and communities torn apart,” the letter read. “Our nation needs the resources being spent on weapons and soldiers for jobs and help at home.”


At a time when so many voices from Washington are calling for belt-tightening on our nations spending — specifically by focusing on programs that protect the poor and vulnerable — it is impossible to justify the more than $100 billion spent each year on this wrongful war.


“Today, too few know the cost of war. The financial costs are being put on a credit card for our children and the human cost is relegated to a small portion of society,” Rev. Jim Wallis said in Sojourners Magazine. “It is time for the war in Afghanistan to end. Our financial and spiritual health depends on it.”


An additional letter for President Obama and Vice President Biden is also available via Sojourners’ recently-launched, Afghanistan-specific webpage.


Sojourners has long been a voice condemning the recklessness of the war in Afghanistan, but this most recent push is more concentrated and powerful than ever. Specifically, the messages sent by Sojourners supporters on Wednesday urged lawmakers to co-sponsor important legislation introduced by Representatives Jim McGovern and Walter Jones (HR 1735). This legislation would require the Obama administration to present an exit strategy for U.S. forces from Afghanistan.


“End the War. Own the sacrifice.” Those are the words that Christians are telling our political leaders.






Jim Wallis is the president and CEO of Sojourners, the largest network of social justice Christians in the United States focused on the biblical call to social justice. Wallis is also author of the New York Times bestsellers God's Politics: Why the Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn't Get It and The Great Awakening: Seven Ways To Change The World, Reviving Faith & Politics. His latest book is Rediscovering Values: On Wall Street, Main Street, and Your Street.

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