The Common Good

For Christians, a biblical mandate for comprehensive immigration reform

Date: January 29, 2013

Building on Rev. Rodriguez’s thoughts, perhaps a good place to start this conversation would be a new initiative called “I Was a Stranger...,” which takes its name directly from Matthew 25:35, where Jesus says that by welcoming a stranger, we may be welcoming him. This is an effort sponsored by the Evangelical Immigration Table, of which CfCIR is a founding member.

Every day for 40 days, we ask that people read one short Scripture passage that relates to God’s heart for immigrants in some way. Some verses deal with having respect for the law; others relate to the way God says immigrants should be incorporated into a society. We provide you with a bookmark that lists the references to these 40 passages. We don’t analyze the passages for you or tell you how we think they should be interpreted - all we do is direct you to the verses and ask that you commit to reading them, praying about them, and reflecting on them.