The Common Good

Christ At The Checkpoint 2014 Conference

Date: November 30, 2013

BETHLEHEM (ANS) -- It’s a conference with an intriguing name focusing on a controversial issue, “Christ at the Checkpoint.”

Writing in Sojourners Magazine, Sami Awad described the situation ( “For anything to move forward in the Holy Land, a relationship of trust and respect must be established between the peoples. Peace is not just negotiated agreements between politicians. Peace is the process of building trust and respect between the peoples of the land. To be able to see each other with new eyes. To be able to really understand who the ‘other’ is. To appreciate them—their culture, their heritage, the narrative that they bring to the table. Trust and respect are the foundations.”

Conference organizers said all these issues necessitate the need for another conference.

“Christ at the Checkpoint is our attempt as Palestinian Christians to bring Jesus into our context, which we defined using the symbol of the checkpoint.”