The Common Good

Broad Coalition Prods for Action on Immigration

Source: Roll Call
Date: January 28, 2013

In a week that began with a bipartisan collection of senators unveiling a blueprint for a comprehensive bill and continues Tuesday with an address by President Barack Obama, advocates for a sweeping update of immigration laws say they will take advantage of elected officials’ posturing to press for an outcome this year.

The strategies employed by an unusually diverse coalition of unions, corporations, law enforcement and religious and community groups include praying over biblical passages, registering Latino voters, mobilizing major demonstrations and orchestrating private meetings with members of Congress.

Their common source of leverage is the growing influence of Latino voters, who have made the matter a major priority.

The evangelicals have not signed on to the April 10 rally but Tim King, the chief communications officer at Sojourners, said they are laying the ground for increased involvement.