The Common Good

America’s New “Separate and Unequal” Societies

Source: CounterPunch
Date: September 20, 2012

Author and theologian Jim Wallis, head of Sojourners, got on The Nuns’ Bus, stating that “a budget is a moral document.  . . . To roll back tax credits for the poor to help fund tax breaks for the rich is morally reprehensible, and the faith community needs to speak out.” (“Ryan’s budget is immoral,” let to the editor by Joyce Luedke, The Lakeland Times, Aug. 24, 22012)

Jim Wallis himself spoke out, loud and clear, in a prophetic piece in Sojourners called, “Woe to You, Legislators!”  He wrote, “Two-thirds of the [proposed tax] cuts come at the expense of already struggling people and families, while corporations posting record profits get tax breaks.  In short,” Wallis continued, “the most vulnerable members of society are being attacked by Ryan and his supporters.  This makes them bullies.” Apr. 4, 2012)

Jim Wallis was just getting started: “Ryan has chosen to help people who need help the least,” he stated.  “Wealthy individuals and companies reap a windfall of benefits in Ryan’s plan—with tax cuts and breaks, continued subsidies and loopholes for every powerful special interest, and increased corporate welfare payments from the government.”  And, Wallis added, “Congressman Ryan and his supporters have carefully and faithfully rewarded rich people who make their campaign contributions, and, in most cases, have also rewarded themselves as rich people.  This makes them corrupt.” (Ibid)