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Sojourners 09/20/2012
EMERGING VOICES: NEWEST SOJOURNERS INITIATIVE Rev. Wallis Announces New National Program to Mentor and Lift up Young Leaders
Sojourners 09/20/2012
STEM Encouraging, but Not Enough Faith values call for comprehensive immigration reform
As the U.S. Census Bureau releases its annual poverty figures, faith leaders from the Circle of Protection will release exclusive videos from President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney stating their positions on hunger and poverty.
Taylor Marsh 09/12/2012
This afternoon Sojourners released Obama, Romney Answer Faith Leaders’ Call to Address Poverty in Election. Christian leaders asked, and the presidential nominees answered. The poverty rate in America is still at a staggering 15 percent and 46.2 million Americans remain in poverty — what is your plan to address the problem? The Circle of Protection, composed of Christian leaders from across the religious spectrum, released President Barack Obama’s and GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s video responses today at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.
Release of new exclusive videos from President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney to people of faith on poverty issues. Faith leaders highlight worsening poverty numbers on the day of the U.S. Census Bureau release. Leaders will announce a robust outreach and education strategy to reach grassroots Christian voters through the videos.
Today in Phoenix, Arizona, nearly 7,000 signatures from Christians across the country were delivered to Governor Brewer’s office in support of a petition regarding her most recent executive order. Pressuring her to retract the order which denies driver’s licenses and other benefits to undocumented young people who qualify for deferred action, the petition reads simply:
This petition and its supporting signatures will be delivered to Gov. Brewer on Thursday, August 23rd at 1:00 pm PT. The accompanying faith leaders will be available for comment before and during the delivery.
In light of the recent acts of violence and vandalism against religions minorities across the country, Sojourners is calling on Christians to stand up against the hatred. Starting today, a billboard and newspaper ad will appear in Joplin, Mo., home to a mosque that burned to the ground earlier this month after suffering two previous acts of arson. Both the ad and the billboard read simply, “Love Your Muslim Neighbors.” The billboard is five blocks from the mosque on the corner of W 7th Street & S Schifferdecker Street.; the newspaper ad ran today in The Joplin Globe on Page A6. The second billboard has been erected three blocks from the gurudwara that was the recent target of a shooting that left six worshippers dead. The billboard reads, “Love Your Sikh Neighbors,” and sits on the corner of College Avenue and 13th Street in Oak Creek (to see a picture of the billboards and the ad, click HERE).
Sojourners 08/01/2012
Jim Wallis' full statement from Faith Leaders' Press Conference on House Budget Vote
Sojourners 08/01/2012
Jim Wallis Joins Coalition of Faith Leaders to Confront Budget Choices that Reward the Rich and Punish the Poor
Sojourners 07/24/2012
Sojourners President Jim Wallis is among a group of 46 American Christian leaders issued an open letter expressing solidarity with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Ugandans in the face of "increased bigotry and hatred."
Sojourners 06/25/2012
Supreme Court Strikes Down Key Provisions of Arizona’s Anti-Immigrant Law Rev. Jim Wallis: “Victory for Faith Community”
Sojourners 06/25/2012
Ruling reinforces need for federal immigration reform that upholds faith values
Sojourners 06/20/2012
Campaign follows release of Evangelical Statement of Principles on Immigration Reform
Sojourners 06/15/2012
Administrative Relief For Dream Act–Eligible Young People Reinforces Faith Values
Sojourners 06/12/2012
Broad coalition unites under immigration reform principles, launches ad buys in swing states
Sojourners 05/10/2012
Encourages respect for equal rights, religious liberty, civil discourse Washington DC, May 10 – Yesterday, President Obama announced his personal support for same-sex marriage. Within the Christian community and the nation at large, there are a diversity of opinions regarding human sexuality. While often a divisive issue, Sojourners has released the following statement encouraging respect for equal rights, religious liberty, and civil discourse.