The Common Good

Media Advisories and Press Releases

Sojourners 10/22/2004
Because of a deep and growing concern about an emerging national "theology of war," the increasingly frequent language of "righteous empire," and official claims of "divine appointment" for a nation in a "war" on terrorism, more than 200 seminary and college professors have signed "Confessing Christ in a World of Violence."
Sojourners 10/13/2004
An independent study by an ethics professor at Fuller Theological Seminary who is also trained in statistical analysis finds that, contrary to popular assumption, abortion has risen in the U.S. during George W. Bush's presidency and that the increase is linked to economic policy.
Sojourners 10/11/2004
Sojourners Board Member Rev. Dr. Leah Gaskin Fitchue was inaugurated as the 16th president of Payne Theological Seminary in Wilberforce, Ohio, on Wednesday, November 10. Dr. Fitchue is the first African-American female president of any institution in the 244-member Association of Theological Schools, and the first female president of any historically black theological seminary.
Jim Wallis, executive director of Sojourners and convener of Call to Renewal, received the Religion Communicators Council's first-ever Winston Taylor Religious Communicator of Faith Award.
Sojourners 08/30/2004
More than 40 Christian leaders and 40,000 faithful citizens signed a petition declaring that "God is not a Republican...or a Democrat" and that the Religious Right does not speak for them.
Sojourners 04/24/2004
<i>Sojourners</i> magazine received the gold award (first place) at the annual Folio awards for the Best Religious/Spiritual magazine of 2003. Folio — the national magazine publishers’ trade organization — evaluates each entry "on how well it articulates and adheres to its editorial mission statement.
Sojourners 04/21/2004
<i>Sojourners</i> magazine received 13 awards at the Associated Church Press annual convention in Toronto this week including Best in Class for ecumenical magazine. <i>Sojourners</i> received four awards of excellence (first place), four awards of merit (second place), and five honorable mentions.
Sojourners 03/24/2004
<i>Spirit of Fire</i>, the latest resource from the editors of Sojourners, examines the intersections of faith, art, and action; creativity and spirituality; artistic expression and the church. The relationship between artists and people of faith has been passionate and often contentious. This art-filled resource explores how these groups can find common ground and common values. It also delves into how art and faith together can catalyze social change.
Sojourners 09/04/2003
Sojourners editor (founding editor of Business 2.0) makes connection between financial self-interest and greed among senior U.S. officials and corporate executives.
Sojourners 07/03/2003
Sojourners will gather nationally recognized artists and activists today to explore a new vision for faith and arts in the 21st century.
Sojourners 04/30/2003
Social Justice, Faith-Based Magazine Receives 15 Associated Church Press Awards
Sojourners 03/27/2003
Two Sojourners employees were arrested in a D.C. protest to stop war on Iraq.
Sojourners 03/26/2003
As part of its ongoing 'War Watch' campaign,Sojourners offers early lessons of war with Iraq
Sojourners 03/18/2003
British Print Ad Campaign Offers Final Appeal for an Alternative to War from U.S. Church Leaders to Prime Minister Blair
Sojourners 03/17/2003
U.S. church leaders' clear, compelling alternative generates surge of last-minute interest among diverse cross-section of concerned citizens and leaders.
Sojourners 02/18/2003
A delegation of U.S., international, and British religious leaders met with British Prime Minister Tony Blair to encourage him in seeking alternatives to war in dealing with the regime of Saddam Hussein.
Sojourners 01/22/2003
An estimated 3,200 people filled the Washington (D.C.) National Cathedral today (Jan. 20) to pray for a peaceful alternative to war with Iraq.
Sojourners 11/10/2002
"We want to send President Bush a strong message that if he starts a pre-emptive war against Iraq, it will not be with the support of the churches."
Sojourners 09/05/2002
While President Bush makes the case to Congress, the American people, and the United Nations for a U.S. war on Iraq, a "third way" has emerged in the debate about what to do about Saddam Hussein.
Sojourners 08/15/2002
Sojourners announces its latest resource, A World at Odds: Conscience in a Time of Terror, a new online study guide that offers fresh, alternative perspectives on five timely and important issues: the U.S. conflict with Iraq; the global economy; fundamentalism and religious diversity; the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; and the anniversary of Sept. 11.